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    Little Falls is a parent-run swim team and without the support of ALL parents there would be no swim season. Swim meets require over 30 parent volunteers to run a meet.  Therefore, it is required that each family that does not have a full season job or project must volunteer for at least 3 shifts per season if the swimmer participates in only B meets; 4 shifts a season if swimmer participates in both A and B meets (dive participation carries additional volunteer requirements). Below are descriptions of full season jobs & projects as well as positions that are needed on a weekly basis.  We also need volunteers for our social events (pasta makers & banquet committee) which count towards a family’s volunteer commitment.  

    Parents who make purchases for team expenses, such as ice, bagels etc. please keep your receipts and use this LF Reimbursement Form

    SSL Volunteers:   Kids in sixth grade or older may sign up for timer or runner positions.  It is expected that SSL volunteers show up on time and be prepared to volunteer the time they committed. All hours need to be recorded via SSL Verification Form to receive credit. 

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    Swim Meet Jobs (Weekly Sign Up)

    Concessions:  (Home meets only)  Parents are needed to set up, grill, and sell food during A & B meets.  Jobs for B concessions are available in three shifts to reduce the burden on volunteers. Only family members 15 and older may volunteer for concessions.

    Automation Verifier: (No experience necessary)  Don't be afraid of the title.  This person helps the automation person with organizing the score sheets,  reviewing the times for accuracy and posting results.

    Ribbon Writer: Both teams provide one for A and B meets.  Ribbon writer places labels on the correct ribbons and then separates them by team.  Volunteer then places LF ribbons in alphabetized accordion folder for swimmers to collect later. Ribbon writer should bring either the accordion file kept at the swim desk or some kind of bag in which to keep the ribbons. 

    Parking Lot Cop: (Home meets only) Cops stand at one of two spots, the foot bridge at Allan Terrace or the bridge in to LF's parking lot to ensure that LF families do not park in 1) the LF lot,  or 2) on designated roads in the neighborhood during the meet. Cop assigned to the LF lot directs visiting team to open spaces in our very small lot.  Once the visiting team has arrived and parked, the job is over. (Each shift of this position satisfies 1/2 of one of the required  volunteer slots for the season)

    Timer:  Both teams provide nine timers for A meets.  When running 8 lanes at B meets, sometimes additional timers may be necessary.  SSL kids who are 6th grade and older may serve as timers.  Timers are responsible for timing and recording events. Instructions will be provided to those who have no past experience.

    Runner :  Both teams provide one. Runners are responsible for collecting all time sheets from timers and DQ cards from officials at the end of each event and taking them to the automation table.  This is a job that's perfect for SSL kids, 6th grade and older.

    Tent Boss Hero: (Away meets only) One volunteer is needed to bring the team tent to the away A or B meet (coaches will help set it up and take it down) and deliver it back to the swim shed after the meet. (Each shift of this position satisfies 1/2 of one of the required volunteer slots for the season)

    Ice/Food Delivery:  Each week, at both A and B home meets, a volunteer may be needed to purchase ice or other food items (bagels, donuts, etc.) and deliver it to the pool by a certain time before the start of a meet.  The job is complete upon delivery of the item(s).  (Each shift of this position satisfies 1/2 of one of the required volunteer slots for the season)

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    Full Season Jobs or Projects

    A Reps -- A reps attend monthly and as-needed MCSL meetings from January through July, ensure full season and project volunteers are in place for all positions, and interview and make hiring recommendations for coaching staff.  The reps coordinate regular season and major meets (Relay Carnivals, Coaches Long Course and Divisionals) with other reps in the division. The reps work with the coaching staff and pool board on all matters relating to swim team operations. Reps arrive before Saturday meets to set up the pool and assist concessions set up, maintain the team website and record board, set up registration, order team suits/caps, and prepare the schedule for the season. Reps are the primary point of contact for all parent concerns.

    B Reps -- Reps consult with B reps from other pools to coordinate the details of each B meet. Meets partners are usually pre-determined but host pool alternates each summer. B reps arrive at home B meets at or before the time concessions volunteers arrive to help set up. Reps ensure that volunteers are aware of health inspection requirements and procedures for setting up grill and food storage; Reps provide the cash box and Venmo information to those handling the sales; also responsible for handling the concessions proceeds at the end of the meet and ensuring cash is delivered to the pool treasurer. Reps conduct an end of season audit of B meet ribbons and order additional ribbons as needed. 

    Pre-Team/Nestling Rep -- Rep will oversee the PT/Nestling programs and work with coaches to maintain the appropriate number of swimmers at each practice. Rep will create sign up genius, if needed to keep an ideal swimmer/instructor ratio. Rep  assists coaches in coordinating the end of season fun meet.

    Spirit Coordinator – Orders all spirit swag (tattoos, body paint, etc.) for the team. Work with coaches to plan activities for pep rallies and provide supplies needed for each rally. Schedule food trucks/dessert trucks for pep rallies. Contact local restaurants for fundraisers.

    Officials Coordinator -- Manages the LF team of starters, referees and stroke and turn officials. Ensures all official positions are filled at swim meets. Communicates with current LF officials when it is time to recertify. Recruits future officials.

    Banquet Chair -- Banquet Coordinator isn't exactly a full season job, as it's a one-time event each season, but it's a project. Coordinator will secure a venue for the swim/dive banquet, recruit volunteers, select the food/drinks, set up payment  for tickets on team site, purchase decorations and work with the committee to plan/execute the evening. 

    Awards Coordinator – Places order for special awards that are determined by coaches and given out at the banquet.  This is definitely more of a project than a full season job.

    Automation -- Primarily responsible for operating computer and team software to prepare meet entry sheets and to record swimmer times and heat scoring at home meets. Prints meet program. Prints ribbon labels, event score sheets and final meet summary.

    Concessions Chairs – A and B meet concessions chairs arrive for set up of concessions at time trials and home meets, manage volunteers for food prep and sales, have delivered or use volunteers to obtain ice and some food (bagels/donuts), oversee cash box and ensure proceeds are given to team treasurer at the end of the meet; also ensure cash box is back in the kitchen in time for the next concession event.

    Fundraiser Coordinator –  (Project) Works with the charity to plan how LF will organize, publicize and promote the charity at LF; work with A reps to schedule a day for a one-day swimathon during practice.

    Senior Farewell Coordinator – More a project than a full season job, coordinator plans and executes the senior farewell at the halftime of a home A meet during the season. Works with seniors' parents, the LF announcer, coaches, and reps to organize the presentation. 

    Spirit Wear Coordinator – Selects team merchandise for sale to team and communicates with team to organize item pick-ups. 

    Clerk of Course – Also known as “cat herder,” the clerk is responsible for ensuring that swimmers are where they need to be when their event is approaching. 

    Head Timer – Head timer for A and B meets ensure that the watches are where they should be for every meet, home and away; delivers timer briefing before the start of the meet. Orders new watches/batteries when needed and maintains the lane volunteer lanyards. 

    Beach Trip Coordinator – (Project) Coordinator rents the bus for annual beach trip to Rehoboth; purchases drinks and bagels for the ride; solicits adults to oversee basic chaperone duties (taking head count before leaving the bus, at the beach and prior to returning on the bus at the end of the day). (This position satisfies two out of the required volunteer slots for the season)

    Kitchen Czar – Keeps track of food and supplies in the kitchen. Orders/purchases food and paper goods as needed for meets.

    Photographer - Takes pictures of swimmers at meets, rallies, and social events and prepares a slideshow at the end of season banquet.

    Announcer - Voice of the Penguins announces each event at A and B meets.  The announcer keeps the meet moving and is responsible for welcoming the visiting team, announcing scores at halftime and at the end of the meet, and pool/team records.

    Volunteer Coordinator - Monitor volunteer slots and ensure that all are filled for A and B meets.

    Meet Officials:

    *Starter (certification needed) - The visiting team provides the starter. The starter is responsible for starting the event (sounding the horn), announcing the event to the swimmers and making sure the start is clean. Starters must be certified as a stroke and turn official.

    *Referee (certification needed) - The home team provides the referee. They are responsible for running the meet. They are the final arbiters of all decisions and questions regarding the meet. They sign off on all stroke and turn violations. Referees work directly with the starter, stroke and turn officials, timers, coaches, and team reps. During “B” meets, divisional and relay carnivals, extra referees may also be used to help with stroke and turn violations at the opposite end of the pool to keep the meet running smoothly. Referees must be certified as a stroke and turn official.

    *Stroke and Turn Official (certification needed) – Both teams provide two at all meets. Stroke and turn officials observe all starts, finishes, turns and strokes. Stroke and turn officials must have good eyesight and be knowledgeable of correct stroke and turn technique. They must be fair and impartial.

    *Stroke and Turn Official, Referee and Starter Certifications: MCSL provides formal training and certification for Stroke and Turn Officials, Referees and Starters. To become certified, you must attend one of the league’s training sessions and must renew your certification every two years. Contact Steve Volkers with any questions about becoming a certified official.

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