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Pre-Team & Nestlings


Pre-team eligible children should be able to comfortably make their way across the  pool (floating, swimming, or kicking with a board) unassisted and without showing signs of distress (such as crying or refusing to get in the water). Children interested in joining the pre-team should have already mastered the following basic swim skills: blowing bubbles, kicking on the wall and kicking with a kick board with face in water. They should have knowledge of the freestyle stroke, and be comfortable and confident in water over 5 feet in depth. 


Nestlings, or baby penguins, are kids who don't quite fit the above skill set and need more in-water assistance from coaches. 

Any questions about placement should be directed to the head coach or assistant coaches; emails for the coaching staff can be found under the "coaches" tab of the site or Pre-Team/Nestling Rep,  Hope Best

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